Music Matters!

Music is an expression of the soul of Columbus Center for Spiritual Living. It is an integral part of our services and our community.

Music helps us to engage emotionally and physically. By stretching lyrics and repeating phrases, music gives us time to digest the message encoded in the song.

And, going even deeper, the true Power of music goes beyond words or feelings. Music creates a sacred space and invites a new level of communion with the divine. The mind is quieted, the emotions flow, and the physical body is called to move to the rhythm. 

Meet Our Music Team

The soulful sounds created by our music director, Carisa Holmes, and our band, The Center Trio - featuring Tony Bonardi on keyboards, Steve Perakis on bass, and Joe Nelson on drums - support the beautiful messages delivered each Sunday. Our team of dedicated musicians creates original music designed to uplift, inspire, and give you a reason to dance! Join us each Sunday to experience the power of the inspired music from the CCSL team.

Carisa Holmes


Carisa Holmes is an author, coach, and musician on a mission to facilitate the birth of creative power and to promote the acknowledgement and recognition of the creative arts as vehicles for self expression and evolution. Carisa is a singer/songwriter, speaker, and multi-instrumentalist who finds her joy in exploring many different genres of musical expression. From deeply restful meditation music to her emotive New Thought songs, and the danceable beats of her electronic tracks, Carisa’s music opens a portal to realms beyond form, initiating an inpouring-outpouring of a mystical essence that runs deeper than emotion and reflects the light of her soul. Carisa has appeared at major music festivals as well as private retreats, raucous celebrations, and quiet ceremonies. She provides solo and choral music for a number of Centers for Spiritual Living, and she is thrilled to be a part of the music program at the Columbus Center for Spiritual Living.

Tony Bonardi


Tony Bonardi has been wowing audiences with his creative keyboard skills for over 20 years. As a teenager he cut his teeth performing in Northern Ohio clubs under the tutelage of St. Louis bluesman and Tina Turner alum, Sonny Robertson. Now residing in Columbus, Tony keeps a busy schedule playing with a variety of acts throughout the Midwest. Just as adept playing salsa and top 40 as he is in a jazz environment, Tony truly brings his diverse, energetic influence to all appearances.

Steve Perakis

Bass Guitarist

Steve Perakis performs locally and internationally in a multitude of styles, on electric and double bass. He writes and composes in many styles and is the leader of several local groups, teaches privately and owns a growing project recording studio. He has been playing bass for more than four decades, has two decades of accompaniment experience in musical theater, international and modern dance. He also sings, plays guitar, drums and keyboards.

Jimmy Castoe