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Whether you are new to Science of Mind, or you've been around a while, join us in a class that offers a journey into the Being of Principle and the Doing of Practice. Come together with a group of like-minded people to explore creating positive changes for your life in these chaotic times. You can save gas & time by joining class in the comfort of your home. This is a five week ZOOM class focused on understanding and applying foundational Science of Mind philosophy to all aspects of your life.


Dates & Times:

6 Sessions: TBA

Tuition: $170.00 (Includes PDF of Student Workbook)

Required Text: This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes

New classes are announced quarterly. Below, are some of the classes we offer throughout the year.

Foundations of Science of Mind

In this class you’ll learn how the principles of Science of Mind work in your life. We’ll explore the creative process, and learn the fundamentals of a powerful prayer method called “Spiritual Mind Treatment.” This is the power tool in Science of Mind, and will, if you use it, make a dramatic, measurable difference in how you experience your life.

Spiritual Practices for Daily Living

Building on the knowledge gained in Foundations, this class focuses on how to have an active daily connection with Spirit and how to find your own unique way of doing that through spiritual practices. You will explore receptive (meditation) and directive (prayer) ways of communing with Spirit to be able to choose the perfect spiritual practice for you in every moment and situation. Various forms of meditation are presented, and you will develop greater skill in verbal and written prayer, especially for others


Have you ever wrestled with the impulse to react when you want to respond compassionately and calmly? Do you wonder what causes you to react in ways that leave you feeling dissatisfied? Do you have questions about integrity and compassionate communication? Do you sometimes wonder how to be a spiritual person in a practical world? This class is an inward journey exploring feelings, ego, relationships, and the process of personal change. With direct, practical advice from Don Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements, the work of Byron Katie and others, you will discover new ways to deepen human love, trust, and forgiveness.

The Power of Your Word

As you deepen in your spiritual practice, you will begin to realize how important prayer in living a spiritual life. In this class you learn specifically what contributes to clear, powerful, focused prayer. Not only will you learn how to write affirmations and prayers to address personal circumstances for yourself and for others, you will also be coached in identifying and describing personal limiting beliefs that interrupt your progress. You will be invited to experience what it means to “pray continuously” and to live a life based on prayer.

Exploring the Roots of Science of Mind

Learn how our teachings became a system that freely draws from many religions, philosophies, literature, and sciences. Directly experience the power of those teachers and the teachings that inspired Ernest Holmes, our Founder. This class guides us through the writings of three of the most important influences in Holmes’s development: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thomas Troward, and Emma Curtis Hopkins.

Practical Mysticism

This class provides an opportunity to get in touch with your own inner “mystic.” Inspired by the world’s great mystical traditions and teachers, you will gain a deeper experience and understanding of your own personal way of living a mystical life. By reframing what a mystic is and how to practice mysticism in every day situations, you will be invited to step into a new identity as a person who is committed to discovering Spirit in every action, person, and situation.